Back in Skinny Jeans 6 Hours After Having Baby #3!

Seriously? I mean, really? What is it with the heralding and the parading of new mothers’ bodies and the media-driven unhealthy, unnatural competition to attain a perfect pre-baby body immediately after giving birth??? I’m sick to death of standing in line at the grocery store and seeing the headlines of “Kim Kardashian AMAZING After Baby!”, “Olivia Wilde Back in Skinny Jeans 2 Weeks Post-Partum!”, “Kristen Cavallari in Bikini 4 Weeks After Baby #2!”.

I admire the Duchess of Cambridge showcasing her postpartum ‘bump’ hours after giving birth to the future King of England, but even then I had to cringe—- nylons–dress?? Hours after baby?? It made my skin crawl just thinking about it. The postpartum bleeding, swelling, and everything else that comes along with delivering a 9lb baby??? I hope she went straight home and threw on yoga pants and her husband’s oversized sweatshirt.

The media needs to stop this sick fascination with the bodies of new mothers immediately. The mental state of a new mother is generally pretty fragile especially with the HUGE hormone shifts that take place. Having added pressure to look like the celebs after having babies— is just too much. Not to mention it sets unrealistic expectations on a new mother. Celebrities have nannies to care for the newborn while they run to the gym 3-5x a day, or take a nap, or get a full night of sleep. They have personal trainers, chefs to count calories for them, and many additional luxuries us, non-celeb moms do not have.

We have another generation behind us, it isn’t too late to stop the bombardment of deceptive images being thrown at women. I understand that the media needs to sell magazines but there must be another way to sell them without destroying the self confidence, self esteem of women. Brainstorm other ‘juicy’ gossip that can drive sales. Enough with the ‘body after baby’ headlines. What about a positive spinoff of this? Take a new direction. Take a road less traveled. Be bold. My twin 2yr old daughters thank you.

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