No One Deserves to Be Bullied

A great blog post that goes along with my anti-bullying blog from yesterday. Beware you may want a barf bag handy (sex is school bathrooms?!?!).

Originally posted on Emelie’s Voice:

There comes a point in time where sometimes we have to step up and say the things we never want to say. We address topics that make us uncomfortable. We defend those we love and fight on. We pour our hearts out and tell our stories. Along will come that “troll” that has to tear us down. To tell us how wrong we are. Insult everything we stand for. Make excuses and then follows up with heartbreaking words that can never be unseen.

Well, Portia and I had that unfortunate experience. To put everything into context, I am going to discuss it. I wish “trolls” wouldn’t get the attention for this but in order to make sense of it all, I will be brief. I’ll focus more on Emelie but I have words that can pertain to everyone. Not just kids on the spectrum like C or Emelie. And I…

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