The Top 10 Reasons I am Jealous of Lady Mary of Downton Abbey

Lady Mary employs a fulltime nanny and can skip off to tea or go horseback riding without making plans weeks in advance and then worry about the sitter not showing.

Lady Mary can eat slowly–enjoying every bite of tarte or quiche. Babies and children at the Grantham dinner table?? I think not!

Lady Mary doesn’t need to go thru the exhausting & downright painful ‘shopping for clothes after baby experience’. She doesn’t need to squirm her way into the size 4 jeans while trying to avoid that woman in the dressing room mirror or worry about the cut being too low and looking like a teenybopper. Her outfits are carefully selected, custom made or tailored perfectly to her lithe figure–and if she did indulge in an extra slice of pie–there are industrial strength corsets and someone to tighten them to her 18″ waist—at her beck and call.

Lady Mary lives in a 50,000sq ft house with well over 100 rooms— plenty of places to hide from children…. and husbands for that matter!

“I just want to be left alone to read my book!!!”

Lady Mary has the most perfect complexion that I have ever seen. A natural beauty with flawless, ethereal pale skin. If I went that pale—I would be thrown in the morgue. She can pull it off. I could not.

Lady Mary doesn’t have to spend an hour straightening her hair with her arms going stiff to get her locks polished and regal looking. She has Anna, her personal maid.

Lady Mary doesn’t clean, yet her house (ahem… castle) is spotless, and she can lounge around without guilt.

Lady Mary doesn’t have the distraction of technology/cell phones getting in the way of having genuine adult conversations…especially with the men as they hang on her every word!

Lady Mary has an incredible, out-of-this-world library. Not like she uses it but just to have it available to her! *drool*

Lady Mary doesn’t have to be woken up by a child staring at her and asking repeatedly for chocolate milk…. seriously… repeatedly. A broken record.