Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate!

You do not earn an MD by reading/commenting on mommy blogs or reading statuses posted by well-meaning but very misguided Facebook friends. I’m sorry. It is just not possible. Why is some would rather believe someone like Jenny McCarthy over a well-respected MD or the guidelines set forth by the CDC?? I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around that one. I have no desire to start listing stats that drive the point of vaccinations saving lives and being vital home—- do your research but ‘research’ using respected sources. If you question the website’s content– check the about us/about page— background/education of the author?, check to see if it ends in .gov or .net, etc. Generally, .gov is a pretty safe source to find good information on. A .net or .org I would be skeptical of. Go to the library (it’s a giant brick building with shelves–lots of paperback/hardcover books, a few chairs and tables scattered about–smells a bit musty—–lol. Ok. I guess they aren’t completely obsolete yet… hopefully not for a few more years!) Talk to your child’s pediatrician. Go to the health department— talk to someone there. There is no conspiracy theory or any such thing in regards to vaccinations— there IS this anti-vaxx rights movement out there that will sadly cost lives rather than do anything to save lives. Oh and if you think that vaccinations cause autism?

Please look up that ‘study’ that helped fuel the fear of pharmaceutical companies/vaccinations/government.

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